Cardio WOD

A Balanced Work Out Couldn’t be more important.

“Fit” IS- Strength-Flexibility-Endurance.

“After a peaceful Yoga session with my dog, Oceanside, yesterday afternoon… I decided it was time to turn it up a notch.  I felt that we have been doing a lot of heavy strength training lately, So why not switch things up a bit.”

After some work on the Foam Roller, stretching, and a good Warm Up- I threw together an Intense Cardio & Plyo Circuit for my friend Natalia and myself.  We only  had the gym for 20 minutes before Cross Fit, but that was all the time that was needed.

Enjoy 🙂

100-Double Unders

90-Row Machine Pulls

80-TRX Rip Trainer Torso Twists

70-Jumping Jacks

60-Mountain Climbers

50-Sizzor Lunges

40-Box Jumps

30-Sit Ups


10-Reverse Burpees

Afterwards some Cardio and a shit ton of water will help with a Speedy Recovery! I think I will go kite 🙂


Grocery List

"Organic food" or as our grandparents called it... "food".

One Easy way to resist those unhealthy temptations, is to make sure the culprits are not in the house.

I wrote a grocery list- with everything I would put in my own kitchen.  I will constantly be adding more specific items, as well as, recipes.

There is no fancy name to this kind of diet except for healthy and balanced.                                                                                                                     However, most of it can be “Picked or Killed”…

Grocery List

**ALL Meat is NON-Processed &

ALL Seafood is Preferably Fresh Caught  (NOT Farm Raised).

-Fresh or Frozen Fish     -Eggs      -Chicken (Skinless)      -Smoked Salmon     -Canned Tuna & Salmon      -Ground Bison Meat     -Ground Lean Turkey          -Quinoa       -Lean Sirloin Steak        -Almond Flour    -Dried Fruits    -Protein Powder      -All Types of Beans     -Tofu & Polenta        -Frozen Blueberries (acai, mixed, etc.)     -Greek Yogurt (No Sugar) & Kefir   -Coconut Milk & Almond Milk    -Natural Peanut Butter    -Coconut Oil (Food Grade)     -Local Natural Honey -Mixed Nuts     -Virgin Olive Oil    -Raw Apple Cider Vinegar     -Garlic     -Fresh Basil      -Avocados      -Raisins & Unsweetened Prunes     -Raw Oats (Plain)   -Chia Seeds    -Flax Seeds     -Granola (Whole Grains)        -Sweet Potato     -Tyote & Batata     -Onions- All Types       -Brown Rice       -Plantains     -Tomatoes, Cucumbers, & Celery      -Black Rice      -Peppers- All Types     -Lemons & Limes   -Mushrooms     -Artichokes    -Broccoli, Sprouts, & Cauliflower    -Carrot, Zucchini, & Eggplant       -Bok Choy, Kim Chi, leek      -Romaine, Cabbage, Kale & Spinach    -Parsley, Cilantro,  Lemongrass, & Mint     -Clove, Anise, Nutmeg, Chamomile, & Cinnamon     -Coffee & Green Tea         -Any Fruit       -Coconut