Cardio WOD

A Balanced Work Out Couldn’t be more important.

“Fit” IS- Strength-Flexibility-Endurance.

“After a peaceful Yoga session with my dog, Oceanside, yesterday afternoon… I decided it was time to turn it up a notch.  I felt that we have been doing a lot of heavy strength training lately, So why not switch things up a bit.”

After some work on the Foam Roller, stretching, and a good Warm Up- I threw together an Intense Cardio & Plyo Circuit for my friend Natalia and myself.  We only  had the gym for 20 minutes before Cross Fit, but that was all the time that was needed.

Enjoy 🙂

100-Double Unders

90-Row Machine Pulls

80-TRX Rip Trainer Torso Twists

70-Jumping Jacks

60-Mountain Climbers

50-Sizzor Lunges

40-Box Jumps

30-Sit Ups


10-Reverse Burpees

Afterwards some Cardio and a shit ton of water will help with a Speedy Recovery! I think I will go kite 🙂